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CATL & CALB LFP NCM Prismatic battery
Lead acid replacement LiFePo4 battery
LiFePo4 18650 26650 32650 cell and battery pack
Super high temperature LiSOCL2 battery
Electric Bicycle Battery Pack
   Latest ebike battery models
   24V electric bike battery
   36V electric bike battery
   48V electric bike battery
LiFePO4 Polymer Battery
Lithium ion 3.6V battery
Electric Motorcycle Batteries
Lithium polymer battery
Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) Primary Battery
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Amazing energy, amaze your day!!!
Amazing Energy Limited was established in 2009, which engages in R&D, manufacturing and service of green energy, especially specialized in lithium battery industry. It is our initial and final goal to make your life more amazing by providing the right and best energy solution. 

Your best choice- Amazing Energy!
By offering more than 1000 models of lithium polymer batteries, lithium ion batteries, Li-SOCl2 batteries, LiMn2O4 batteries and LiFePO4 batteries, we develop a great application fields covers EV, UPS, electric tools and toys, consuming electronics, communication equipments, medical and military devices etc. To predict and grow with the market demand, we have never stopped developing our mind and product. Couldn’t find the model you want on our list? Don’t worry! Our Engineering Dept and Production Dept could customize specified models according to your requirements.

Amazing energy- Make your every day amazing; make your whole life energetic!
Having dedicated in the global market for years, we aim to share this amazing mission with every people from the world by working together. With strict quality control and warranty, advanced management system, in time delivery, and considerate service, we intend to build mutual beneficial relationships with our customers by providing best products, service and price!

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