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For its advantages as below, LiFePo4 Batteries is the best choice for high energy application like electric bicycle, UPS, E-scooter, lawn mover, electric golf cart, robotmobile station, medical equipment, military equipment etc. We can supply all kinds of lifepo4 battery packs for your electrical equipments.

1.      Smaller. The volume of lithium iron phosphate is 1/2 of lead-acid.

2.      Lighter. The weight of lifepo4 is only 1/3 of lead-acid.

3.      Safer. Large over-charge tolerance

4.      Longer cycle life. 5 times more cycle life compared with lead-acid battery.

5.      Environment friendly. No pollution.

6.      Low self discharge rate

7.      Fast and simple charging.

8.      Great high temperature performance

LiFePO4 battery packs

Note: The dimension of packs can be adjusted accoording to your requirement.

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