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   Lithium battery replace lead-acid battery to be solar street light, have many advantages to be reasons you choose it.

  1. Long cycle life. the maintance cost of street light is high. If use lead-acid battery, you need replace it 1~2 year around. But if use Lithium ion battery you just replace it 3~5 years. And if use LiFePo4 cell, it life could up to 6~8 years.From long time, it is save money and save trouble to replace it.

   2. No memory and free maintanance. for the special situation of street light use environment, if lead-acid battery need maintanance in the life. That is add too much work to people. 

   3. Eco-friendly to earth. Lithium is more eco-friendly in manufacture and recycle process. 

  4. More power. in same size and same weight. Lithium battery supply more power. this advantage may not very importanace for street light. but reduce work difficulty for installation person.

   Follow Amazing Energy 12V street light battery pack models on LiFePo4 and Li(NiCoMn)O2 two matert


 The brief specification for 12V LiFePo4 solar street light battery

 The brief specification for 12V Li(NiCoMN)O2 solar street light battery

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