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    Amazing Energy is International market sales agent of CALB. We compliance with CALB's uniform pricing policy. Each battery has QR code to track it's factory data. All product will be sent out from CALB Louyang factory directly. 

    LiFePo4 Prismatic cell is widely accepted by peoples for these reasons:

    1. Large capacity cell save the work of constrution, reduce the inconsistent risk of large battery pack. make the battery pack keep more life in real usage. This point is meaningful for battery pack applied to EV, power station energy storage projects.
    2. Save the cost. LiFePo4 prismatic cell have better price than traditional LiFePo4 cylindrical and polymer cell. And the performance is not bad than them. This will save much cost for customer.
    3. CALB is famous and powerful company. Its battery been used on China Goverment Aviation Aerospace projects. The quality is gurantted. We supply three years warranty for our LiFePo4 prismatic cell.

    China Lithium Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (CALB) is a high-tech enterprise which was established in 2007. CALB specializes in R&D, production and sales of new energy power batteries and power supply systems, products covers lithium iron phosphate and ternary systems, which have successively passed the authoritative quality system certification such as IATF16949, and have received international certifications such as CE, UL, TUV, and RoHS. We have established three major production bases in Changzhou, Luoyang and Xiamen. Meanwhile, CALB has a professional R&D institution - CALB Research Institute, which is committed to the R&D and application of key technologies of power batteries, and building an internationally leading new energy R&D center. In the future, our annual production capacity will exceed 100GWh, being the world's leading power battery manufacturer and strategic supplier of global excellent automobile companies.

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